BCU’s Curtwood J. bringing it back with “Dirty South”, off his “HBCU” album


BCU’s Curtwood J. bringing it back with “Dirty South”, off his “HBCU” album


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Curtwood J. / Bio

Curtis James Jr., better known by his stage name Curtwood, was born on June 28th, 1990 in Orlando, Florida. Curtis was the second son born to his mother and in 1993 she decided to move herself and her two sons to the great city of Atlanta, GA for a change of atmosphere and lifestyle.

Rhythm and music came as no surprise in Curtwood’s life; his mother and father met in a dance battle in Orlando. The young entertainer followed in his parents’ footsteps and began dancing at the early age of four years old. Though musical DNA flowed through his body, Curtwood didn’t always want to be an entertainer. He aspired to be a major league football star when he grew up. This dream changed in the 4th grade at Fountain Elementary School in Forest Park, GA.

A young teacher by the name of Mr. Mincey showed Curtwood that the power words and rhythm had would change the world. This altered his dream and from this point on his focus would change to music. He told his mother that he wanted to be a rapper and she obliged but made sure that he knew to always have a plan B to fall back on just in case his rap career did not work out. Her plan B was for him attend and graduate from college and he, being the respectful son he is, did just that.

Curtwood attended and graduated from Riverdale High School in Riverdale, GA in 2008 and ironically, this is the same place he received his rapper name. As a freshman at Riverdale High School he tried out for the football team but did not make the cut because of his size. With his football dream coming to an end he decided, with persuasion, to join the school’s marching band. The initial plan was his mother’s and Curtwood did not know why his mother was so in love with the idea but he knew that she wouldn’t steer him the wrong way.

During his first summer of band camp all the new members were given nicknames. When it was time for his there were different suggestions thrown out from the upperclassmen such as Curtis Blow and Captain Curt. One upperclassman yelled “Aye! Call lil’ shawty Curtwood!” based on the neighborhood Kirkwood where the upperclassman grew up. Everyone laughed at the idea until the upperclassman explained that the reason behind the name was because Curtwood always gave his all, all the time, everyday. The explanation meant a lot to Curtwood and soon after the entertainer was born.

After graduation Curtwood attended Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL where he played Tenor drum for the renowned Marching Wildcats marching band known as the PRIDE. Here, Curtwood met others with the same ambitions and dreams that he had – to make legendary music. Due to financial obligations out of his control, Curtwood was unable to complete his degree from B-CU but did gain an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Daytona State College in 2013. With his plan B dominated, it was now time to conquer his ultimate dream.

He created Highly Dedicated Muzik Group, an organization based solely on bringing people together through good music, great dancing and positive messages. Curtwood J believes he is the new entertainer that this new generation needs. Influenced by the greats including James Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher and Outkast he has the potential, the dedication and the talent to make the world dance.

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