Get to know HBCU Graduate and artist, Young Money Yawn

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Young Money Yawn

Local artist, Young Money Yawn is new to the rap scene, but has already proved that he is going to be a hard act to follow.  With its infectiously catchy hook, “I’m from the Gutta Gutta/ bread and peanut butter/ ooddle noodles for dinner/word to my motha’,” and raw lyrical content, “Gutta Gutta,” the breakout single from his highly anticipated mix-tape “Street Gospel,” landed Young Money Yawn a feature in XXL Magazine, before the mix-tape was even released.  Having already reached major pinnacles in his career, Young Money Yawn is definitely on the fast track to superstardom.

“I’m an idealist, fighting for opportunity, fighting for loyalty, fighting for commitment and most of all, fighting for hustle,” Young Money Yawns says.  “Actually, I’m not a rapper and I don’t want to be a rapper,” “I’m a motivational speaker who just wants to tell my life story,” he added.

A native of Berkley, one of the most violent and poverty stricken neighborhoods in Norfolk, Virginia. Young Money Yawn; better known as Lil’ Terrion, admits that he was raised in a single mother household while his dad, a self made millionaire lived in the same area; but allowed his family to struggle.  His story appears to be the same story that many artists and professional athletes tell, but Young Money Yawn has long recognized the difference between them and himself.

“They said they from poverty and they still in poverty, but I overcame mine.  That is the difference,” he says while comparing himself to  hip-hop counterparts.

Another difference between Lil’ Terrion and “rappers” is that Young Money Yawn is educated.  Having received a bachelor of science degree in education from Norfolk State University, he sees his accomplishment as a model for how to overcome a troubled upbringing.  “I knew that I was going to be a self made person.  I went to school for networking purposes and to shown my hood that I could do something different,” he says.

In true form of an educator and motivational speaker, Young Money Yawn considered writing a book, but says  “It took too long.” Instead, he completed a video blog series titled “Pills and Water,” in which he speaks on prominent life issues.  In the blog, Young Money Yawn can be seen giving a lecture to a class that is empty, but the emotion and delivery of the message certainly causes the viewer to forget about that.

“My words and experiences are like pain relievers. It’s for healing,” he explains after being asked to elaborate on the title of his blog.

In releasing “Street Gospel”, Young Money Yawn’s hopes for this mixtape are  similar to the hopes he had for “Pills and Water.”  “I want to give lessons to people, and hopefully they take heed to it. What I put out is rules to the street that people need to know,” said Young Money Yawn.  Tracks that paint raw, uncut picture of real life, armed with memorizing beats and production is what you can expect to receive from “Street Gospel”. “It’s like a bible for the streets,” says Young Money Yawn.

Only two days after its release on Aug. 28, 2013, “Street Gospel” was critically acclaimed by  hip-hop heavy hitters like Pusha T and DJ Khaled. His single,  “Gutta Gutta.” is in heavy rotation on the radio and Young Money Yawn is demanding the attention of people all over the world.

With his sophomore project already under production, Young Money Yawn has this message for anyone who is never heard of him,  “I ain’t going nowhere,” says Young Money Yawn. “Expect more money from me in the future. Let me be me and I will give ya’ll all I have.”

For more information on Young Money Yawn visit his “Street Gospel” can be downloaded at or follow him on Twitter @youngmoney_yawn.


Zekeya Murphy

Staff Writer

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